AirVPN Review

Disclosure: I got a 3-day free trial (which anyone can request) then paid regular price (except when there was sales).

AirVPN was one of the first VPN’s I actually used. Their website design is good and when you log in you get access to tons of settings so you can be completely private (to others) if you want. Overall, it was good but slower compared to other VPN’s I have later used. After using it for a couple of years I decided not to renew but I continue to wish AirVPN all the best.

Now into the details, if you want a trial you have to contact their support team (and create an account – which costs nothing) requesting a trial and they got back to me within 48 hours giving me a trial. It allows me to try them out and decide to purchase them. They don’t require any personal information to get a trial or to pay for the service. They also offer tons of payment options so you can pay however you want.

If you aren’t based in the EU then you will have to deal with the currency exchange rate (unless you decide to pay using cryptocurrency), but they are one of the cheaper “no-logs” vpn companies. They do have sales through the year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc…) that last for a couple of weeks. They don’t notify you of a sale unless you go the homepage or forums or through social media (sometimes).

Getting connected is fairly easy as you can follow their enter guide which provides many options.

Once you have paid and have connected you can login to your account settings and the first page you see is the connections on your account and basically everything related to that account. They show it all to you. You would first think that they are logging if they are showing this information but they have said that they show it there for your information and once you disconnect then all of that information is gone. They say this but we don’t completely know for sure since they do keep track of how many people are on each server (and how much bandwidth is being used).

Speeds were overall good, I knew with a VPN I would get slightly slower speeds but AirVPN didn’t make my connection too slow. At certain times it would be slower than others. This may have been either due to my connection to the select server, or just my internet. They do guarantee a minimum bandwidth of 4 Mbit/s which is awesome.

While using AirVPN there were never any IP or DNS leaks. To read more about what are IP or DNS leaks you can read at

Port forwarding: AirVPN makes it easy for you to open ports and torrent, login and go into the port forwarding section. They allow up 20 open ports. It’s easy to setup or remove an open port as needed.

Privacy: of course they don’t log anything (but as I said earlier you can see all of this in your user settings) and they perform new key generation every 60 minute. They don’t quite say why they do this but I feel it’s good for privacy. They do use a high key size (4096-bit RSA key, AES-256-GCM Data Channel, HMAC SHA384 Control Channel) which does slow down your connection a bit but some people want more privacy.

Connections: up to 5 connections per account (which is plenty for most people) and allow you to connect using many different methods (from regular OpenVPN to OpenVPN over SSL or even Tor) which is great and something I wish more VPN companies would do. They also have their own client (Eddie) which allows for you to use these different types of connections easily which I used many times and was easy to use even in hostile networks, and it is open-source.

DNS: they have their own DNS servers (as all VPN companies should do) which is anti-ICE/ICANN censorship which is great and something all VPN companies should do.

They don’t have any traffic (or time) limit so you can use it as much as you want. If you go to their top users page you can see some users having quite a high speed or using tons of traffic.

Servers: They have a good number of servers available and they don’t add servers unless they meet their standards.

Referral system: They do have a referral system in place which could be good or bad depending on what you think.

Annoyances: On their website if you click to another site there is always a warning as a reminder that you are leaving their site which gets annoying very quickly.

Jurisdiction: Italy, which makes it under the 14-eyes so if you care about that then it’s good to know. If you want to learn more about the 14-eyes (and the 5 and 9 eyes) then go to

Overall, a good service which I would recommend to anyone wanting a VPN.

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